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Anticipating an infection during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for both mother and fetus, including the risk of infection. It is important to know the frequent pregnancy infections and how to prevent them, so that pregnant women can get through the pregnancy smoothly and give birth to healthy babies. Some types of infections are more prone to occur in pregnancy, and pregnancy itself can make certain infections worse. Especially if the condition is not treated immediately. Pregnancy infections that often occur The following are some common infections that can attack women during pregnancy: Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) UTIs are common during pregnancy, this is because hormonal conditions during pregnancy cause changes in the urinary tract and make you more susceptible to infection. UTIs occur when bacteria invade the urinary system consisting of kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. There are two types of UTI, namely UTI below and above. Lower UTI is an infection that occurs in the urethra and bladder, cha
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Tubectomy, Here's What You Need to Know

Tubectomy is the procedure of cutting or closing the fallopian tubes or ovaries that connect the ovaries to the uterus. After tubectomy, the egg cells will not be able to enter the uterus so they cannot be fertilized. This procedure will also prevent sperm from entering the fallopian tube. As a permanent birth control method, tubectomy has proven to be very effective, but it does not affect the menstrual cycle. This process can be done at any time, including after undergoing normal labor and caesarean delivery. Tubectomy Indications Tubectomy is one of the permanent methods to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, this procedure is only recommended for adult women who truly believe that they do not want to get pregnant. This process can also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, especially in women over the age of 40, or who have a family history of ovarian cancer. Tubectomy Warning There are a number of factors that should be considered before a woman undergoes tubectomy. Some of them a

Understand the Preparation and Examination When Medical Check Up

Medical check-up is a comprehensive health examination, which aims to ensure health conditions, anticipate health problems that can develop into diseases and prompt treatment if the results of the examination indicate a special condition or disease and disorders related to a person's physical condition. This health check is generally recommended for people who have certain indications, and the type of examination is adjusted to their needs, for example an examination from the company for employee health evaluation, sufferers of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes that are not controlled, preparation for surgery, the elderly (elderly) especially who have many physical complaints, as well as special requirements such as insurance and screening tests for education and employment levels. Many people are still confused when they want to do a medical check-up, including the preparation and types of examinations to be performed. Here are the preparations you can do as w

Body Shape of Apples and Pears, Beware Of This Disease

For those who have a female body shape that resembles an apple and a pear should be more maintain health. This body shape is apparently susceptible to certain diseases. Experts believe that the distribution of fat storage in the body, can be related to genetic influences, so that it often causes the shape of the body between mother and child, often similar. Body shape with the distribution of fat accumulation in the area around the waist is known as apple shape, while in the area around the hips, buttocks and thighs is the pear body shape. The owner of a woman's body shape of apples and pears is said to be at higher risk of kidney disease, diabetes, and poor memory than women who have other body shapes. That was probably due to the accumulation of fat in certain body parts. However, that does not mean women with other body shapes in general do not have this risk, excess weight and lifestyle, still play a role in various risks of disease. Risks for Apple Body Shape The shape o

Want to Have a Tire Face, Here's How

A thin face can be had from changing the hairstyle to surgery. Check out the explanation for how to get the gaunt face you crave. Beauty standards can change with the times and vary from place to place. Some consider it beautiful with a long neck, a tattooed face, or white like porcelain. At present, you could say the beauty standard that is a trend is the gaunt face. Chubby-cheeked people or who have a square or round face shape are likely many who want to have a thin face. Various methods were used so that the face looks slimmer. Able to change the hairdo, applying makeup in certain ways on the face, to facial surgical procedures such as liposuction (liposuction), lipolysis injection, or removing buccal fat on the face. Buccal fat is one of several fat clumps on the cheeks, precisely located on both sides of the face between the buccinator muscle and some of the more outer muscles. As we get older, buccal fat on the cheeks can actually grow and shrink. Buccal fat functions as a